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This is the story of how I began my love affair with airbrushing for cakes.
I am a professional pastry chef (when I’m not writing on my blog :) ) and had learned about the different cake decorating techniques back in college. I started my own bakery and soon fell into the comfort zone of mainly decorating my cakes using fondant and sugar paste. I had learned all about airbrushing for cakes back in college and had even done it practically. However, since I never got the chance to try it out when I established my bakery, my skills got a bit rusty.

Things changed a few years back when one day my mom’s best friend asked me whether I knew about airbrushing for cakes. I was surprised considering that few regular people know about the different cake decorating techniques. My curiosity got the better of me and I asked her where she had learned about airbrushing. She told me that she had been watching a baking competition on TV and had fallen in love with the airbrushing techniques the winner of the contest had used on her cake.

She then asked me if I would make a cake for her that employed the airbrushing technique. I replied in the affirmative never wanting to disappoint neither my mom nor her best friend. The cake was supposed to be for her granddaughter’s fourth birthday. She informed me that her granddaughter was a real big fan of Disney’s Frozen. She asked whether I knew of the movie and I answered in the affirmative.

I then got started on coming up with potential ideas for the cake. I settled on making a two-tier round cake with Princess Elsa and Princess Anna figurines on top. I then decided to include the inscription ‘Happy Birthday’ on the side and got started.

I started out by preparing two cakes with red velvet filling. I made the top-tier cake smaller than the bottom one. I then covered each of the cakes with white fondant separately before stacking them the smaller one on top of the larger one. I then modelled the two Princess figurines which took me over three hours each due to the level of detail required.
I then took out the airbrushing machine and started spraying some sky blue coloring from the center of the side of the cake to the top side. Once I finished this, I took a darker shade of blue and sprayed it on to create a fading effect. Once I was done, I placed the two Princess figurines on the top of the cake. Even though I don’t like blowing my own trumpet, the results were simply amazing.

I loved it, my mom loved it, and so did my mom’s friend along with her granddaughter. Soon after the party, I started to receive orders for airbrushed cakes from all over our area code.

Today, I use airbrushing on all the cakes whose theme will allow for its use. I can truly admit that airbrushing has taken my cake decorating skills to the next level. I get my tools and paints mostly from Amazon. I recently got this kit for my business, thanks to the surprisingly unbiased reviews at Verycozyhome.com

Enjoy your airbrushing! Here’s a video to take you up to speed:

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